June 11, 2018 ~ 3 min read

Disassembly Dell Inspiron 1410

Disassembled Dell Inspiron 1410

It's been about two months since i'm getting new laptop, Thinkpad t430s, it isn't new thought. Well, actually i'm searching for t430, but don't get the right price for it, and while i'm stumbled upon it i found t430s with i7, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, and HD+ resolution at 3 million rupiahs. Best deal this year for me. So, my old laptop, Dell Inspiron 1410 has been pretty much broken, from the HDD it got a lot of badsector, the soundcard and wifi card not recognized by bios and so on. While i can still use it i'm so satisfied with it.

Man, it's been 7 years since i'm bought it, long time indeed. Yeah, after that long time it's normal for laptop to die (RIP my laptop). The body is also pretty tattered, with broken parts here and there, even some parts are glued so it can maintain it's shape (poor my latop). Today, i'm at home for Eid al-Fitr holyday. So when i'm come home, it's day before yesterday, i take my screwdriver and disassemble my old laptop that i leave at home. I don't care about disassemble instruction since i don't have any plans to use the body, what i need is the data in HDD, and monitor.

It's hard to open the screw with my screwdriver, since it's not for electronical equipment. Yups, i'm using screwdriver that usually used to open screw in door, electrical switch, chair, etc. It finally come off, except the HDD caddy. It needs specific screwdriver. At this point i'm giving up. The day later (it's yesterday). A electrician come to my house to repair water pump, rice coocker and tv. He needs the tv's remote, and i and my father couldn't find them every where after searching here and there. My father then told me to buy universal remote from nearby electronic shop. The chance are coming, i bought universal remote control and screwdriver set for electrical equipment.

Gotta get my data fast. I'm not gonna explain how to get my data from HDD with badsector in this article, maybe i will write it in the next time. Just this one partition that i can't recover, which contain my personal files like anime, manga, mp3, photos and walpaper. The other is just find and can be backuped. And this day, i'm disassemblying the monitor, it's WXGA with 1280x800 resolution. My plan is to make it as external monitor and TV. For me it's relatively easy to take it off since there is many tutorial out there. For now, i will let the monitor as it is. I don't have money to buy universal lcd controller board that cost about 350K rupiahs (Hope that i cant buy it soon). I will make article how to assemble it after i've bought it. See you, and happy fasting.

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